Advanced Tips for Choosing Optional Subjects in CSS Exam 

CSS is a popular and tough competitive examination in Pakistan. Numerous parents wish to see their children CSP. You know the full form of CSS Central’s superior service. Bachelor-passed individuals can attempt a CSS exam of 1200 marks. However, FPSC has made MPT compulsory as the initial CSS exam security test. The purpose of that test is to shortlist brilliant candidates for further examination. Federal Public Service Commission takes the CSS exam once a year. The CSS-qualified candidates become part of the bureaucracy in Pakistan’s civil service.

Advanced Tips for Choosing Optional Subjects in CSS Exam

CSP officers take charge of BPS-17 in 12 different groups. They are the backbone of our administration.  Pakistan without such a class of officers cannot grow and prosper. The main topic of this article is to explain Advanced Tips for Choosing Optional Subjects in CSS Exam.

Many of us are ready to appear in the CSS exam in this year. Always show consistency with smart ways to gain success in life. Let’s follow the advanced technics while selecting six hundred marks CSS optional subjects. Your success varies in the CSS elective subjects group generally.

How to Select CSS Six Optional Subjects

Experts in CSS preparation suggest CSS 6 optional subjects according to scoring trends.  They advise to CSS aspirates select CSS subjects according to academic background, preparation time, and scoring trend.

Some candidates are conceptual while others are bookish. They choose CSS optional subject groups according to their mental approach. CSS is an uphill task for average students. But hard work wins the race of competition.

CSS Examination Optional Subjects

FPSC Revised CSS Elective Subjects

Federal Public Service Commission has revised the CSS examination subjects list. It would help if you studied the grouping of the subjects. You are independent to select one subject of two hundred marks from the first group below.

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Political Science 200 Without Academic background
Computer Science 200 Strong Academic Background
International Relation 200 Without Academic background
Economics 200 Without Academic background
Accountancy 200 Strong academic Background


 Physics 200 Strong academic Background
Chemistry 200 Strong Academic Background
 Applied Mathematics 100 Strong academic Background
Pure Mathematics 100 Strong academic Background
 Statistics 100 Strong academic Background
Geology 100 Strong academic Background


 Business Administration 100 Strong academic Background
Public Administration 100 Without  Academic Background
 Governance & Public Policies 100 without academic Background
 Town Planning & Urban Management 100 Strong Academic Background


Islamic History & Culture 100 Without Academic Background
British History 100 Without Academic Background
European History 100 Without Academic Background
History of Pakistan and India 100 Without Academic Background
History of USA 100 Without Academic Background


Environmental Sciences 100 Possible without background
Agriculture & Forestry 100 Require Academic background
Botany 100 Require Academic background
Zoology 100 Require Academic background
English Literature 100 Require Academic
Urdu Literature 100 Require Academic
Gender Study 100 Without academic background


 Law 100 Impossible without background
 Constitutional Law 100 Require Academic background
International Law 100 Require Academic background
Muslim Law & Jurisprudence 100 Require Academic background
Mercantile Law 100 Require Academic
Criminology 100 Require Academic
Philosophy 100 Without academic background


Psychology 100 Without Academic Background
Geography 100 Without Academic Background
Sociology 100 Without Academic Background
Anthropology 100 Without Academic Background
Punjabi 100 Without Academic Background
Sindhi 100 Without Academic Background
Pashto 100 Without Academic Background
Balochi 100 Without Academic Background
Persian 100 Without Academic Background
Arabic 100 Without Academic Background
Journalism & Mass Communication 100 Academic Background


There is another important note for upcoming CSS competitors. They must select an optional subject that overlaps with compulsory as well as optional subjects. Overlap study will concise your time and you will get maximum marks in CSS examinations. Please write your precious feedback in the comment section for our motivation. Saylani Rozgar Scheme 2023 Get Free Loan

Key Points to Select CSS Examination Optional Subject

  1. Interest
  2. Overlap
  3. Time Management
  4. Academic Background
  5. Available Sources
  6. Marks Trend
  7. Success Ratio

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