Best Country for Study and Work for Pakistani Students in 2023

Everyone seeks and researches the best place where he/she can study, work, and spend their life. Most of Pakistani students try to avail different scholarships of foreign countries. They have two purposes behind their abroad tour study and part-time work. Plenty of countries are hosting of international students and scholars. Pakistani students must try to obtain scholarships in Western countries. However, they can go in Asian countries for study and work like Kuwait, QATAR, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. But such countries are striving to promote tourism still now.

Working and Studying Abroad for Pakistani Students

On the other hand, European countries have target to promote education, hospitality, and research activities. That is why, Pakistan students want to move on European countries like Poland, Germany, Italy, UK, USA, Turkey, and Australia. Governments of these countries has made easy polices for international students regarding VISA, Travelling, and travelling. In addition, universities of these countries extremely welcome to International students. You must study the immigration and education policies of these countries before apply for scholarship.

Best Countries for Pakistani Students to Work and Study

Pakistan is dense economic and financial problems in these days. This year GDP growth rate of Pakistan is 0.3 which is the lowest in history. Mainly students are bothering to see their future. They apply for different jobs in Pakistan and fail to get government jobs in Pakistan. Now students of Pakistan are trying to go aboard for study and country. There is great confusion to select one best country for study and work for Pakistani students.

Job Opportunities for Pakistani Students Abroad

International students from Pakistan can study and also work in mentioned countries same time. Mostly students come in such countries on scholarship. Study is the primary purpose while work a secondary purpose of Pakistani individuals. In European counties, students are bounded to work with study for the period of their scholarship duration.

Some countries also hand over nationality to international students after particular stay and duration. Nationality of a western country may become the final purpose of a Pakistani student in European country. Three years are enough to apply for a nationality of Australia, Turkey, Italy, UK, USA, Poland, and Germany. Green Card is also alternative source to move on desirable countries for the sake of study and work.

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Working Abroad as a Pakistani Student you need to understand entire immigration, nationality, and native language of hosting country. Here we are discussing the countries names where Pakistani students can study and work together.

Study and Work Australia

Australia is a top favorite country of Pakistanis to study and work. There Pakistan students can get free education by multiple scholarships. Approximately, students of 192 countries study in Australia. Major strength of Pakistanis is studying and working in Australia. In addition, the imagination policies of Australia are easy for students. The government of this country allows students to work part-time to earn. After a specific period of time, the state of Australia provides nationality to international scholars.

Study and Work in the United Kingdom UK

The UK or Great Britain is the main country of Europe. There students of Pakistan can study, live, and work through scholarship. You know the UK is a chief democratic country in the work. Obviously, you will have to follow the laws and regulations of the country. Common Wealth Scholarship is also a famous scholarship by UK. Throughout the world students arrives in UK for study and work. The best Country for Study and Work for Pakistani Students exists in this universe

Study and Work in Germany for Pakistanis

Germany and Pakistan both have a common official language English. Thereby students of Pakistan should not feel a language barrier. Candidates simply should pass the Basic English language examination. In addition, plenty of public universities exist in Germany where you can take admission and study free. Time to time Germany announces multiple scholarships for Pakistanis and Asian countries.

study and work for pakistanis students

Study and Work in Italy for Pakistanis

Italy is the most beautiful designation for study. Keep in mind that, students of Pakistanis should top priority to study. The primary purpose of Italian government is to provide free education. Talented and shined student obtain visa of Italy for study and work. Govt of Italy allows student to study and work together. Dear fellows, Italy government soon opens the scholarship opportunities for students.

Study in Sweden

Sweden also offers fully funded scholarship to Pakistani students. Government of Sweden is ensuring to provide free education. Thereby Sweden is also hosting worldwide scholars. They are study in different program. There they get tuition fee, residential rent, hostel fare, airfare ticket, books fee, and also transportation fare. In addition, some public universities of Sweden provides monthly stipend to students.

Study and Work in USA for Pakistani Students

USA United State of America has 50 states. In the advance world, USA is a super power. Each country has first priority with USA relation. More USA has top rated universities of the world. Pakistani student’s main dream to study in these universities of USA. But there is uphill task to obtain admission in USA public universities. Always talented and shine students must try to achieve admission in prominent universities of America. Govt of USA also allows work and job for international students/scholars.

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