After the 12th which Job Is Best For Females

After the 12th which Job Is Best For females to have equal rights with men? After 12th which field is best for girls is not a question of girls or boys. Best jobs for females Multiple organizations in Pakistan and the world focus on human rights like education, life, business, political rights, and others. Boys and girls both can obtain education according to their choice and interest. If you girl then it is the right page for you. Many parents in Pakistan enroll their girls in primary, elementary, and secondary schools. However, they are worried about career counseling in Pakistan. Let’s get rid of such bothering. Our article will clear your mind that your girls’ students can become useful citizens of Pakistan and the world.

Girl’s Education in Pakistan

Everyone knows that girls also can participate like men in practical life. They also can achieve their dreams through good education. Education is a wide and vast field for boys and girls. Pakistan is a developing country that is facing difficulties in promoting the education of girls in Pakistan.

Best Jobs for females in Pakistan after 12th class

48% percent is the literacy rate of women’s education. Many children are out of school while girls are more than boys. First and foremost government should enroll that ratio of girls in schools. In addition, multiple government organizations are taking steps to address this problem. UNO and other organizations of the world have also a target to promote girls’ education in Pakistan.

In this article, we will discuss the best fields for girls in Pakistan. They can apply for the following jobs after passing the 12th class. Mainly government has divided intermediate into science, arts, computer science, and commerce groups.

11 Best Courses for Girls after Graduation in Pakistan

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)
  2. MBA (Finance, Marketing, Human Resources)
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management & Activation
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management
  5. Diploma in Food & Beverage Services Management
  6. Radio Jockeying & TV News Reading
  7. Travel & Tourism
  8. Fashion Designing
  9. Interior Designing
  10. Photography
  11. Beauty Care


LLB is a degree for lawyers in Pakistan. Females in Pakistan can become lawyers after the 12th class. They can take admitted in LLB five-year courses. In Pakistan, plenty of public and private law colleges exist where females can obtain admission in LLB degree. However, interested females will have to pass of HEC impost LAT/Law admission test.


BS duration is four year after intermediate. After FA/FSc/ICS/ females can obtain admission in this course. All public and private colleges and universities of Pakistan are offering BS programs. In addition, universities have introduced wide variety of courses at BS level. Keep in mind, females will have to pass HEC recognized USAT test.

ADP/ Associate Degree Program

HEC Pakistan has replaced the name of ADP Associate Degree Program of Arts, Science, and Commerce. Females can easily study ADP. Universities of Pakistan also offer ADP regular and private. It is totally your choice and eligibility criteria regarding the group selection in ADP. Students complete the ADP degree in two years after the 12th class.


MBBS is another course that is attractive for ladies. In Pakistan, the demand for this course is very high. So MBBS degree is a very important scope perspective. Females after FSc pre-medical can apply for MBBS in public and private medical colleges in Pakistan. The duration of MBBS is five years medical graduates become doctors in public and private hospitals. They can open their private clinics and work for sick humanity.


BDS is a health-related special degree. BDS is a medical denturist degree. You can become a dental surgeon in Pakistan. Females also obtain admission in this course after passing the MDCAT of PMC. MDCAT is a vital and important step to cross the journey of the medical field.

D Pharmacy

Health-related courses are in demand. There are many candidates who are unable to get admission to BDS and MBBS programs. They can move on to D pharmacy. Students of this program easily obtain government jobs. Females can apply for D pharmacy after FSc pre-medical. Multiple allied health sciences universities are offering admission in this program.


Nursing is another attractive field for women. Nursing is a necessity of society. Females are exiting to become nurse. They can obtain admission BS nursing, RN nursing, LHV, and lady health visitors. Plenty of nursing colleges exist in all major cities of Pakistan.


Teaching is very suitable profession for women in Pakistan and the world. Females can obtain and do teaching jobs in primary, secondary, and elementary schools. You can say teaching is a lenient job for ladies. B.Ed is a helpful degree after 12th class to become a teacher in Pakistan. The duration of B.Ed is 2.5 years after intermediate. However, bachelor-passed students can complete a B.Ed program in 1.5 years. B.Ed is an equal degree to M.Ed courses according to the HEC decision. There are plenty of public and private schools that require B.Ed-qualified teachers. Additionally, hiring schools pay handsome salaries to B.Ed-qualified candidates. is a degree in commerce. The largest numbers of students move on the commerce field. Females also get admission in the mentioned degree program without any hesitation. After completion of and ADP commerce females can apply for bank jobs. We consider that bank job is comfortable for females. After the 12th which Job Is Best For Females, you have understood the answer to this question.

15 best jobs for Females after 12th class

Thousands of numbers departments offer jobs to females who pass their intermediate class. They should first complete their education to achieve their dreams. But we know our society is facing poverty problems. Females have done some jobs to earn money. Plenty of numbers parents are unable to educate their girls till a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate.

Here we are counting some fields that are best and easiest for women in Pakistan. Health departments, education, land records, general administration services, libraries, and others are some departments that are very fit for women. After the 12th which Job Is Best For Females is a leading question these days. Many families in Pakistan are facing challenges in educating their girls.

  1. Data Entry Operator
  2. Lower Division Clerk
  3. Upper Division Clerk
  4. Computer Operator
  5. Junior Clerk
  6. Assistant
  7. Librarian
  8. Nurse
  9. Lab Technician
  10. Lab Attendant
  11. Teacher
  12. Helper
  13. Graphic Designer
  14. Textile Designer
  15. Recipient
  16.  We have explained the entire information about female career counseling in Pakistan.

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