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Lady Cadet Course 2024 Pakistan Army has scheduled Lady Cadet Course registration 2024. Females across Pakistan can join the Pak army as lady cadets. In this article, we are discussing the details of the Lady Cadet Course 2024. Females can join Pak army as captain before last date 5th February 2024.

Lady Cadet Course 2024 Registration

Online registration is open now of Lady Cadet Course 2022 till December 18, 2022. Still, the Pak Army is opening preliminary test registration of Ladies who wish to become cadets in the Pakistan forces.

Pak Army lady cadet course registration 2023

Lady Cadet Course Requirements

The Pakistan Army is currently accepting applications for Lady Cadets, offering a promising opportunity for female candidates. Annually, the Pakistan Army initiates online registration for Lady Courses, drawing the aspirations of numerous Pakistani women who seek employment in the military. The Lady Cadet Course 2024 is particularly appealing, welcoming applications from women who have completed their FA/FSc/ICS or intermediate education. Below, we have outlined the essential prerequisites for eligibility for the Lady Cadet Course, which all applicants must meet.

Gender Females
Age 28 years
Qualification Sixteen Year Education
Height 5 (152.4 cm)
Weight As per body mass index
Marital Status Unmarried
Nationality Pakistan, FATA, AJK, GB ICT
Training Period 6 Months PMA

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What Is Lady Cadet Course in Pak Army

Pakistani women exhibit remarkable energy and dedication to safeguarding their cherished homeland. A significant number of females possessing sixteen years of education in fields such as Social Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, and Software Engineering choose to join the Pakistan Army through the Lady Cadet Course 2024. Consequently, the Pakistan Army extends this valuable opportunity to women, enabling them to pursue careers as cadets. For those who are keenly interested, the initial phase of primary registration has commenced. Subsequently, candidates will be required to successfully clear a series of tests administered by the Pakistan Army.

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lady cadet course Capitan

Lady Cadet Course 2024 Initial Test

Pakistan Army conducts initial test on computers. All participants of the lady cadet course test will have to pass verbal, none verbal, and IQ-level questions.

  • Verbal
  • Non Verbal
  • Academic
  • Physical
  • Initial Medical Test
  • ISSB

Applicants are required to complete the aforementioned tests within the specified time limits. During the Verbal section, candidates must answer 88 multiple-choice questions in 30 minutes. In the Non-Verbal section, they are tasked with solving 68 MCQs within the same time frame. Likewise, participants in the Lady Cadet Course (LLC) test need to tackle 50 multiple-choice questions related to academic subjects within a 30-minute window. Efficient time management is crucial, and it is imperative to practice solving questions within the prescribed time limit prior to the test. For job seekers, the NJP Jobs Portal offers a convenient online platform for applying to various job opportunities.

Running Test 

All female candidates of LLC who pass preliminary tests have to attend a physical test. They have to cover the 1.6-kilometer distance within 14 minutes.

A team of doctors will medical checkups of shortlisted candidates. They will examine the eyesight, height, weight, and others. The medical checkup team has the authority to reject a candidate and also refer.

The interview is a final trial of lady cadet course contestants. They will have to attend an interview with full confidence. Interview penal recommends to candidates for the five-day ISSB test. ISSB is the abbreviation of Inter Service Selection Board. ISSB will monitor all recommended candidates from multiple perspectives.

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