Pak Turk Maarif school scholarship Test for Admission 2024

Pak Turk Maarif Scholarship 2024 is open for Pakistani students. Turkey has set up different schools in Pakistan Islamabad’s capital city. The largest number of children are studying in these schools with the help of the Pak Turk Maarif School Scholarship 2024. Students of FA/FSc,, primary, elementary school, and higher secondary classes should apply for the latest Pak Turk Maarif School Scholarship.

However, students will have to pass a written test for a scholarship held by the Turkish embassy in Pakistan. In this article, you will read complete details and information about the Pakistan Turkish Maarif School Scholarship. Registration of the mentioned scholarship is open right now. All interested and eligible students must start their preparation of the shortlisting test.

Pak Turk College Scholarship 2024 application form

Turkish government helps Pakistani students. Separation of education is the universal agenda of the world. In addition, UNO and other international organizations are taking steps towards the literacy of poor people. Nowadays, Turkey has made some degree-awarding colleges in all major cities of Pakistan. There you can get free education from the Pak Turk College Scholarship 2024. Candidates can download the Pak Turk College Scholarship 2024 application form in PDF format. Always, fill up the application form carefully so that you can provide all major details.

pak turk maarif scholarship program

Pak Turk Maarif Scholarship Test 2024 Syllabus

The test is a mandatory step to obtain Pak Turk Maarif MAGIS Scholarship Admissions 2024. Turkish government conducts such tests according to the assigned syllabus. All participants must follow the Pak Turk Maarif Scholarship test 2024 syllabus. Similarly, you need to know the test paper pattern and test syllabus. Keep the focus on the following topics.

Download Complete Syllabus

  1. English

Grammar, Vocabulary, and Punctuation Inferential Analytical, Identification

  1. Mathematics

Whole numbers, HCF and LCM, Four operations, Estimation Fractions, Decimals, Percentage, Ratio, Rate, Speed, Time, Patterns

  1. Geometry and Measurement
  • Conversion of units of measurement (length, mass, capacity)
  • Triangles (equilateral, isosceles, scalene, acute, obtuse, right)
  • Quadrilaterals (square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezium, kite)
  • Perimeter and area of figures made up of squares, rectangles, and triangles
  • Angles (acute, obtuse, right, straight, re‑ex, adjacent, complementary, supplementary)
  1. Statistics
  • Carrol diagram
  • Average
  • Carrol diagram
  • Picture graph
  1. Science and Social Science
  • Habitat /Adaptation • Light and Shadows /Eclipse • Forces • Electric circuit and electricity • Sound Magnets and springs Solubility /Mixtures Reversible, Irreversible and Reactions Microorganisms/Decomposition
  1. Social Studies

People of Pakistan • Mesopotamia civilization • Greek civilization Weather and climate Longitude and latitude Maps and direction

  1. Islamiat

How to Apply for the Pak Turkey Scholarship Program 2024

For the easiness of students, married colleges and schools have designed a portal where you can easily apply online. Sign up for your account and enter your details as as administration asks. You need to provide all the information to complete your application form. You can visit the physical location of that scholarship Pak Turk International School and College Park Road Tarlai Islamabad.

Apply Online

Pak Turkey Scholarship Program Last Date to Apply

Every Year Administration of the Pak Turk Marrif Scholarship decides the last date. However, it is advised that interested candidates should apply online within the timeframe. Dear fellows, you can know the closing date of the latest scholarship in Turkey. After the deadline, the authority will not accept your application forms. Late-received application forms will be rejected. Similarly, the concerned authority will reject all incomplete application forms.

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pak turk maarif scholarship

Pak Turk Maarif Test and Scholarship Opportunities

Pak Turk Maarif is offering 194 internship positions in Pakistan. If you’re a Pakistani student, you can apply to one of their 11 recognized campuses. They welcome both male and female students on scholarships. To qualify, you’ll need to pass the Pak Turk Maarif scholarship entry test. By passing this test, you could become a scholar at Pak Turk Maarif. This scholarship opportunity is available in approximately 11 cities across Pakistan.

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