Punjab Government Solar Tub Well Scheme for Small Farmers 2023

Punjab Government has inaugurated a free solar tube well and pump scheme phase 2 for small farmers of the province. Ch pervize Ilhai ex CM Punjab launched the Punjab Solar Tub well scheme.  Free Solar Scheme 2023 in Punjab is a revolutionary step of the provincial government. For the first time, govt of Punjab will bear 80% expenses of solar tubewell so that small farmers can cultivate free of cost. These days govt is taking steps towards agriculture. Mainly small farmers whose land is under the 5 arcs cannot afford the total expenses of the solar tube well system. Already Punjab provincial govt has completed the Ujala Solar Lamp Kits scheme successfully.

Free Tubewell Scheme in Punjab 2023

Govt of Punjab is not offering total free Tubewell scheme. However, there is a great relief package for farmers. 80% subsidy is being offered of Punjab Irrigation department. In this scheme, Punjab govt and irrigation department has listed many districts where farmers can apply for free tubewell scheme. They can obtain Punjab Government’s free solar tube well scheme application form here. Different banks in Punjab province are also participating in Shamsi Tawani tube well scheme. The Bank of Punjab is also offering low-interest rate loans to farmers on surety of their agricultural land.

Eligibility Criteria of Punjab Solar/Shamsi Tawani Tube Well Scheme

Some areas exist in Punjab province where farmers cannot dig tube well system. Their govt is offering rainy pools so that farmers can irrigate their land in the absence of rain. Govt is offering 80% money of total expenses of a rainwater storage pool. On the hand, govt is offering solar pumps and tube wells in south Punjab districts. Minimum 50 arcs land is mandatory for a farmer to apply for Punjab government solar Tube well scheme 2023. A team of Punjab Agriculture department will visit the land where farmers want to buy Punjab Govt Solar Scheme.

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District List of Punjab for Solar Tube Well Scheme 2023 phase 2

Already we have explained that Govt has inaugurated free solar scheme for south Punjab. Farmers from Bhakkar, Layyah, Mainwali, Multan, Okara, Khushab, and such other districts can apply for the mentioned scheme. But Punjab Government will expand the scheme throughout Punjab province. Therefore, govt has allocated huge budget for this purpose. In the past farmers used electricity and oil to irrigate their agriculture land. With the passage of time, farmers are unable to bear the high prices of fuel. Solar penal are high cost for poor and small farmers.

How to Apply for Punjab Free Solar Pump, Tube wells, and sprinkle system

The procedure of the Punjab Solar scheme is manual and agriculturists should visit their nearest Agriculture Department. Beneficiaries will have to attach affidavit with application forms. Further, banks and departments will take visit for necessary actions. The team of Agriculture department will visit to check the land suitability for Punjab Government Solar Tube Well Scheme. No doubt, farmers are getting huge subsidy by government in first time history.

Benefits of Punjab Government Solar Tube Well Scheme 2023

Punjab Government has counted many benefits of this scheme. It is total reality that scheme has many benefits and perks for farmers. The drip system is also part of mentioned scheme of government. Farmers will pay only 20% of total expenses of their solar tube well. Farmers will irrigate their fields in free of cost and also on time. Consequently, farmers will receive big output of their

Punjab Solar Tube Well Scheme Application Form

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